Bridge Platform Developers API


API - Version 1.5 | 1st July 2017

AuthBridge Platform provides set of APIs using which external applications can interact with AuthBridge Platform. The purpose of this page is to provide details of these APIs and their sample usage.
Integrating with AuthBridge Platform is a 2 step procedure:
Step 1 - Perform integration procedure utilizing given test credentials with AuthBridge test APIs
Step 2 - On successful completion of Step 1, perform integration procedure utilizing given live credentials with AuthBridge production APIs.


1. Initiate or add a Case

This Api is used to initiate verification request for a candidate into AuthBridge Platform.
Following points need to be noted:
  • Location ID and Process ID to be selected separately for each candidate.
  • Multiple checks can be raised in the same request for a single candidate. Different check fields to be selected for their corresponding checks.
  • The response of the instantaneous checks sent in the request are shared in a synchronous way.

Request Format:

Request TypePOST
API EnvironmentURL

Header Parameters:

username (Provided username) admin
timestamp yyyymmddhhmmss 20161109132401
nonsense Any string DFGESFRV
Signature Generation Process:
PHP code to generate the signature:
  1. Concatenate given password timestamp and a nonsense characters
  2. Encrypt the generated string with hash sha512 encoding
PHP code to generate the signature:
$password '|' $timeStamp '|' $nonSense;
$secureHash strtoupper(hash('sha512'$hashData));

Body Parameters:

uniqueID M This is the unique id (Transaction id) that has been provided by the client for that transaction
firstName M First name of the candidate
middleName O Middle name of the candidate
lastName M Last name of the candidate
fatherName M Father’s name of the candidate
contactNumber M Contact number of the candidate
DOB M Date of Birth of the candidate
locationID M This is the location id for which the candidate’s case belong. Please refer Annexure 1* for its value
processID M This is process id under which the case needs to be initiated. Please refer Annexure 2* for its value
checks M This contains the array of checks that need to be raised for a candidate. It must contain at least one array.
checks :checkUID M This is a subset of “checks”. Check specific unique id for each check to be provided by the client
checks : type M This is the unique value provided by AuthBridge for that type of check. Please refer Annexure 3
checks : sourceVerification M This is the source from where the check has been raised. It will be a string value.
It can be city name for address check, institute name for education check, company name for employment check or reference details(name, number) for reference.
checks : sourceAddress M This is the source address from where the check has been raised. It will be a string value.
It can be address for address check, institute address for education check, company address for employment check
checks : checkFields M This is the list of fields which needs to be sent for that particular check type. Please refer Annexure 3